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What is Lega
Lega is a handheld, portable, mechanical-electronic controlled medical device for effecting percussion and vibrations to a predetermined chest area of the patient’s body. Lega clears the congested lung of obstructive mucous secretions and thick phlegm.

How will Lega help
Lega creates effective resonance wave travel thru patient’s chest wall and helps loosen the obstructive mucous secretion and thick phlegm around the respiratory system (Lung), aid the patient to expel obstructive mucous secretions from the air passages in the lung.

Lega is a device that simulates percussion and vibration treatment thruough compressed air and resonance waves. Clinically proven effective for those who suffer from lung diseases such as COPD, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Cystic Fibrosis and general lung diseases

With portability and ease of use functions, Lega empowers the patient to perform more frequent supplementary treatments in the comforts of their own home or when travelling. Lega is also supported by healthcare professionals as supplementary or adjunct to conventional chest physiotherapy.

The accessibility of Lega enables patients to increase the frequency of chest physiotherapy from the comforts of  home or when travelling ; improving overall prognosis, quality of life and providing ‘on-demand’ relief anytime anywhere.

The Lega advantage
•    Proven with clinical evidence
•    Handheld and Portable without limitation of cord length
•    Battery operated (no electrical sockets required when in use) with rechargeable battery pack
•    Non-invasive and Non Drug base
•    User friendly and self operated
•    Multiple speeds and pattern variations available
•    Comprehensive local service network
•    Patented

The main function of Lega is to provide physiotherapy treatment for those who suffer from general lung diseases such as COPD, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Congested lung or other lung obstructive disease caused by air pollution.

Lega is handheld portable (cordless) electronically controlled mechanism consisting of a main housing, speed selection button and other peripherals such as battery charger and rechargeable battery pack.



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Lega is a handheld, portable, mechanical-electronic controlled medical device for effecting percussion and vibrations to ...
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Patient's Feedback

Patient 1
I am able to expel out lot of phlegm and improve my breathing quality significantly, now I am able to sleep very well...
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